• Since 1999, Globle-Tex Co., Ltd has been providing customers with a professional experience in the sales of fabric materials. Throughout the years, our company has established a well-integrated supply chain dedicated in delivering creative and on-demand products. Our QC (Quality Control) imposes an extremely high standard for all incoming materials, ranging from semi-processed to finished products. To be a member of the planet, Globle-Tex commits itself to be responsible for the environment in developing eco-friendly materials.

Company Philosophy

• Creative

In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we develop customized products with a well-integrated supply chain and flexible capacity.

• Innovation

We provide comprehensive products to customers with outstanding technical capability and system utilization.

• Value Added

Our deep understanding of customers’ needs leads us to supply the best services and products.

• Sustainable

Protecting the environment is an indispensable responsibility; therefore, we take on the mission to use only eco-friendly materials.